divorced couple thinking about their assets

What Happens to SMSF Property When I Get Divorced?

With as many as 50% of marriages said to end in divorce, it comes as no surprise that the way …

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commercial property lease and smfs

SMSF Commercial Leasing: Tips and Traps

Using super to buy commercial property presents a range of opportunities for SMSF members to grow their retirement savings. As …

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transferring property into your smsf

How to Transfer Property Into Your SMSF

Property investments within SMSFs are becoming an increasingly popular choice for Australians, and using super to buy commercial property has …

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person thinking

SMSF Asset Valuations: When, Why and How

As a self-managed superfund trustee, you are required to adhere to the ATO’s asset valuation requirements. Different assets carry different …

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commercial property buying

5 Benefits of Buying Commercial Property With Your SMSF

Property investment is one of the most popular reasons Australians commence a self-managed superfund. Aussies love property, and being able …

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